CIAGRA Liquid (10 ml)

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bye en double
from on 12/10/2019
Great but massive headache day of.
from on 3/15/2019
This product for me lasts 100% for 3 days then starts going down but still great rock hard erections. Only drawback is the frigging head aches, I mean it feels like your brain is being crushed against the inside of your skull, lol (at least for me) I take it once a week. I recommend taking this the day or even 2 days before sex because it does feel a bit numb since all the blood is literally rushing right there.
Would you guys ever consider making a lighter version of this? Also would you say it is safe to take half a capsule?
Thanks guys from me & my satisfied GF lol.
from on 4/18/2017
This stuff will get you hard enough to put holes through concrete for 3 days straight. It gives me a slight headache for the duration that it lasts but it's totally worth it.
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